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The Cost of Courage

SOLD, Available as commission, contact Grace for information

12 x 15"

Modeling Clay

“Spoon Theory”, created and coined by Christine Miserandino, uses spoons as units of energy, commonly used among people in disability circles. Healthy people wake up in the morning with more spoons than is needed to do all the things they want to do in a day. If you have a disability or disease, illness or are otherwise taxed, it’s not uncommon to wake up with less spoons than needed for all your tasks. So, then there are decisions to be made about how to conserve energy because you aren’t able to pull from tomorrow’s resources, because tomorrow you will also have more tasks than you have spoons for. 
This piece, The Cost of Courage, is about the spoons needed to hold your spine strong. If you don’t have enough spoons for everyday life, how do you find the spoons to do courageous things? To advocate for yourself or a loved one? To hold a boundary? Making change is not just about having intention and willpower but also about being resourced enough with your energy.

The Cost of Courage

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