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Turn your life into art! In my workshops and classes you will learn how to create art that expresses your personal life experiences. It has the potential to be intensely healing, painfully confronting and deeply transformational along the way. When you step into this level of learning, you are boldly and bravely committing to expanding your world.


I have lectured and taught all ages in a variety of settings, from summer camp to graduate level art therapy classes. I love guiding people through the process of learning and creating. Whether it is something as profound as an urn for a loved one, or as fundamental as being comfortable making marks on a page, my compassionate teaching methods will guide you to your own personal expression. Come be brave with me!


"It was a pleasure to participate in Grace's Mandala workshop. She was very present and patient as she walked us through the process of creating our own mandalas to discover more about ourselves. I came away with a deeper understanding of how I walk in the world and why. It was a creative, fun way to look within and I appreciate her loving support".





Mandala as a Consciousness Tool

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