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Original Piece: 

Renewal, 30 piece installation

55 x 35"

Embroidery thread, dried botanical pods

$7500.00 Custom framing and installation directly on your wall space are available, for up to 100 pods. 

In nature, seed pods hold and protect their seeds until they split open and release them to the environment.  Their primary function is over then, and they are often considered worthless and are overlooked at this point. This is when the pod is most interesting to me though; this is when I see its potential. Using dried botanicals as my canvas, this body of work explores protection, liberation, reinvention and the beauty, form and flow in movement.


It is easy to feel like society is ready to discard us like one of these seed pods. The less we fit in to a standard mold, the more this is true. In this way art and life are intertwined, as I metaphorically renew myself while I extend the value and beauty in each pod that nature would normally discard. Renewing each pod as a treasure is an extremely gratifying and delightful collaboration with the natural world. There is healing in this slow, meditative stitching, and it brings me great joy. 

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