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With incidents of racist and xenophobic violence and discrimination rising, community healing is needed more now than ever. This social healing art project provides an opportunity to heal racial divides and unify community.


The BIPOC community is invited to write their stories of racism, discrimination, harassment, and injustice on fabricated, sphere-like units that represent the bubbles that some people who are sheltered from this experience of discrimination sometimes live in. These stories allow people to know they are not alone, a counterpoint to the isolation and fear that can linger long afterward.


The non-BIPOC community is invited to write a response on paper. It is an opportunity to understand at a deeper level what the BIPOC experience is and the invisible wounds that are carried by the people they walk side by side with.


Bubbling Up

Giving voice to injustice

Camaraderie and community can be created from sharing one’s story of discrimination among those with similar experiences. My goal is to provide a platform where they can find their voices and release their stories. Sharing these personal histories can provide a release and unburdening of the pain, fear, and shame. To be seen and heard through telling one’s stories, sometimes for the first time, and witnessing others’ stories, exemplifies the healing and liberating power of this project.


These hand-made bubble-like forms will be displayed in a large free flowing wall installation alongside polaroid pictures of contributors and viewers’ responses written on paper. Participating in or viewing this exhibit can change the way people and families talk about and understand discrimination. Research shows that talking openly about race and social injustice can create lasting positive change on a child’s development and counteract the implicit biases that are adopted when these conversations aren’t had. 


Upcoming Events and Exhibits




Boulder Public Library, Main Branch  - March 11th

Boulder Creek Room 4:30 -6:45p 

White Privilege Conference  - April 6th

East High School Unity Day - April 8th

Five Points Jazz Festival - June 8th

Juneteenth Festival Denver - June 15, 16th

Dragon Boat Festival - July 27 - 28th

ElevAsian Night Market - August

Tri-City Latino Festival Columbus, Georgia - Sept 21st

Creative Nations Market, Boulder - Nov 9-10th



T2 Dance - Nov 16th


Arapahoe Ramp Gallery, Boulder Public Library, Main branch - February 1st - March 30th

Dairy Arts Center - November

BIPOC Events
Tell Your Story

Stories from the Bubbles


"My Dad was the first of the 7 kids to go to Public School. He already knew how to read and write in English and Spanish. Grandma said he helped Grandpa study for his exams in college. On the first day of kindergarten the teacher lashed his hands with a ruler. He came home crying. They never spoke Spanish again."

What's your story?

Our community needs healing from the rise in incidents of racism, discrimination, harassment, and injustice.


In this space your voice is welcomed, your experience is honored, and your stories preserved in your own words.


You are invited to share your story here and it will be transferred to a bubble form and added to a larger art installation of bubbles that amplifies and gives witness to your voices and lived experiences. Experience the healing in sharing your experiences and coming together  for collaborative art making and personal expression.

Your story is valuable and honored...thank you so much for sharing it.

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Making a difference begins with education and becomes reality with action. For as little as $10  you can sponsor a Story Bubble to increase the visibility of BIPOC voices and give their stories protected, valued, and safe spaces of honor.

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