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Express yourself! Whether the words are on the tip of your tongue or already on the page, I can help you find or refine your writing so it expresses exactly what you want to say.


I have 25 years of experience writing and editing brochures, books, resumes, technical manuals, articles, artist statements and applications. I have helped individuals, governments, small business owners, authors and artists and I can help you too.


Don’t shortchange your readers or yourself. Working together, we will present your writing as the best expression of yourself.

"Grace’s editing work for my book was invaluable. She has a keen eye and a strong feel for structure and flow and she was an asset to the final version of the manuscript. If you are looking for an editor to work with I would strongly recommend her. She delivers on time, is professional and was a pleasure to work with. I will use her again for my next book!"

Steven Wolhandler

Author of Protecting Yourself from Emotional Predators

Image by Art Lasovsky
Image by Alicia Jones

When you only have one opportunity to engage a potential client or customer, your words need to communicate precisely and be of the highest level of professionalism. I offer developmental editing, correct mechanical errors (punctuation, grammar, spelling, sentence structure) and polish the prose to ensure it has the feel and quality you want. Hiring a second set of eyes is your insurance policy for your message.

Image by Paweł Czerwiński

Sometimes you want your art to speak for itself but applications and artist statements require words and explanations. They want description and intention so they can understand your process alongside seeing your work. You increase your chances of getting the grant, the residency or the exhibition invitation if your writing adds context, helps guide their interpretation and matches the quality of the art you’re writing about. When you must put words to your art, I can help bridge the gap between your art and the viewer.

Manuals, reference guides, help systems and other technical documents are only effective if the complex concepts within are broken down into easy to understand pieces. Clearly written, organized information that flows logically is essential for easy access to information and to assist users in accomplishing tasks quickly and effectively. When time equates to profit, it is crucial to have a writer that can help you produce effective and efficient communication.

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