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With all of life’s changes there is both loss and gain. Attending to the full spectrum of feelings and bringing awareness and choice to how we move through the transitions allows for a deep, rich experience of life. Whether you are experiencing birth, death, marriage, job loss, career change, divorce, moving, illness, empty nest, aging or any other transition, I can guide you through a conscious and rewarding experience to uncover the hidden gifts of your circumstances.

Both transitional mentoring packages offer sessions that are personalized to meet the needs of your unique situation. The Art of Conscious Transition B allows more time together for active processing and an expanded, deeper exploration of your conscious transition. You are an active participant in this process and together we will explore the terrain and learn to center and calm your nervous system so that you can be present and available to the mercurial emotions you may be experiencing. 

Through guided exercises you will use art to explore and process what is unavailable to the conscious mind. You’ll use this quarried information to create a tangible object that honors and commemorates your transition and allows you to connect to it easily through haptic memory.

This process offers an opportunity for energetic closure through creation, ceremony and ritual. I will be beside you as you walk with courage and greater consciousness toward discovery. 


  • Transitions Plan A

    Valid for 3 months
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