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Our lives are a network of gains, losses and transitions bookended by the major passages of birth and death. Whether the experience is to be celebrated or grieved, you do not have to be alone on this journey. We can work together to make your process active, conscious and rewarding. 


My unique perspective of traversing between loss, fear, grief, hope, renewal and joy is grounded in multiple layers of experiences. My Master’s degree in Conscious Evolution is the basis of the work we can do together. I also bring more than three decades of formal and informal studies of grief and transition, which helped me through many of the top stressors in life, some of them multiple times, including a near –death, month long hospital stay. 


A lifetime of creative art making supports the meaningful ways I will help you move through these transitions, deepen your understanding of the circumstances and be intentional about how you experience your life. 


"Grace made an urn for my snake that truly honors her and shows her beauty. My vision was to incorporate snake skin that was collected after a shed, but I had no idea how to accomplish it. Grace listened, made suggestions and produced a unique urn that was better than I imagined. I really love it."





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