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Original Piece:

15 x 5 x 2”

Locally harvested bark, yarn of varying weight


Harvesting the bark

Finding the lyrical flow

The fiber sings her song.

Lost in the story

Each meditative French knot

A heart opening.

Delicate moss hides

A crevasse’s sweet secret

Longing to be seen.

Moss is an extraordinary, impressive plant that has been around for millions of years and can survive the most intense adverse conditions. There are thousands of varieties and they can grow in any type of soil and live in all types of climates, including severe drought and while buried under glaciers. 


Moss has been used as a drinking source, wound dressing, waterproofing, fire tinder and insulation. Some types are edible, and others have been used as medicine to treat intestinal problems. 


I’m inspired by the resiliency, versatility and ability to tolerate stress. Recreating moss with varying weights of yarn on locally harvested bark is a meditation on the key traits of adapting, prevailing and thriving no matter the circumstances. 

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