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Milkweed Torchiere

Milkweed Torchiere


Woven rattan is used as a base to combine with handmade paper, dried botanicals and other natural items to create these lanterns. During dark periods of life we sometimes search for a lighted path and a way through to clarity, hope and safety.

These lanterns were created during one of those times for me.


Each lantern has a different feel and balance, and they cast varying intensities of light in different directions. This speaks to the many different ways and directions out of the proverbial darkness such as mental, physical and emotional self-care, listening to your intuition, applying past strength and resilience, and accepting our uncomfortable feelings and emotions. These all serve to shift perspective and create openings not previously seen or accessed. We live in a world where we are taught to look externally for answers, but the light and the path are actually within us.



12 x 26 x 5.5"

Rattan reed, milkweed plants, handmade paper, adhesive, raffia

Milkweed Torchiere

13 x 28 x 11

Rattan reed, milkweed plants, nest, raffia

Red Beacon

13 x 37 x 12"

Rattan reed, milkweed plants, handmade paper, adhesive, raffia

Eucalyptus Torchiere

11 x 24 x 11

Rattan reed, eucalyptus pods and leaves, nest, raffia


12 x 28 x 2.5”

rattan reed, milkweed plants, fabric, raffia

Falling Softly

23 x 33 x 6"

Rattan reed, milkweed plants, handmade paper, adhesive, rattan

Each lantern $500.00

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