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Healing Grace is a body of work that came out of an intense illness where I experienced multi-organ failure, an extended stay in the hospital and a complete transformation of my relationship to myself. This experience changed me forever.


It was very much a rebirth, as I came home from the hospital a completely different person from the one who entered it more than a month earlier. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, absolutely everything was transformed and I don’t think, feel, look or act like the same person that went into the hospital. While my body was weak and near death, my will to live was fierce. These qualities of fragility and strength are reflected in my thread sculptures of human organs.


As I sculpted each organ, I worked to heal. This is embodied in the nature of the fiber and the process, which involves molding the thread on the organ form, cutting the fibers to release it then re-stitching the organ. This act of mending was an act of rebuilding myself.


Moulded silk, cotton and polyester thread over sculpted organ casts.

Dimensions variable, largest frame is 18.5 x 17.75  x 3.5 (lungs).

$25,000 for complete set. Individual organs available by commission.

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