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Thoughts and feelings correlate to heart rhythms, which in turn affect our health. The heart is dense and overflows, and our thoughts and memories offer insight to the rhythms and patterns of our lives. The opportunity to intentionally choose what to give space to in filling the head and heart is always available to us.


In this work I explored questions such as: Who walks through my heart? What is the manifestation of comfort? What grows my heart? What memories are embedded in my heart? What does my heart ache for?


Five heart rate tachograms show examples of heart rhythm patterns recorded in real time from individuals experiencing frustration, anger, appreciation, relaxation and quiescence. The heart rhythms originate from research on the science of the heart conducted by the Institute of HeartMath. They show the connection between head and heart, and how heart rhythms tend to become more ordered during positive emotional states. Unbalanced heart rhythm patterns can result in physical problems and deteriorating health.


This is a limited edition book that can be read in the conventional manner, with front and back covers touching in a star formation or displayed in an accordion book format.


All embroidery on the cover, heart rhythms and heart shape outlining the text was done by hand. The heart shape was also hand cut on each page. The middle layer of the multi-layered pages and the covers are all handmade and hand dyed.

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